Monday October 6, 2008
Gas Mileage Log | 11:15 pm | Suggestions?
I originally saw a good gas mileage calculator on another website a while back. Once I used it for a time or two I realized I could get a lot more information out of a few data points recorded at each fill up. I created a modified version of their file that will give you all sorts of information about your gas mileage. Download the MS Excel Document here.

Delete my sample data before you start (the data in white cells). You need to enter an initial odometer reading in B2, then continue with gas fill-ups in the white cells. Everything in light blue is automatically calculated.

On the right hand side you can enter a distance (P3) to estimate how much a given trip will cost based on your average calculated cost per mile. You also need to enter the dates of your last Oil Change, Tire Rotation, and State Inspection in S2, T2, and U2. I have had a few issues with the scales on the graphs' Y-axis, so you may have to tweak those to fit your data. Everything else should be automatic!
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